Air arabia strategy

Implements new technical projects as directed by the Line Maintenance Manager taking into consideration proper procedures and necessary technical and system support as well as familiarization and guidance sessions for the respective engineers and technicians. Promotional Strategies for the product or service Design a basic promotion strategy and marketing plan LO4 Task 4aA market plan with appropriate promotional techniques for the product, target market and suitable for the UAE are detailed.

Air Arabia claims to have flown one million passengers so far. Southwest, though its profits declined somewhat, remained profitable throughout this time. And none of the incumbent airlines took Air Arabia seriously.

Task 1bThe 3 functions and the role of the marketing department are detailed with a comparison to the project company The 2 functions and the role of a marketing department are detailed with a comparison to the project company 1 function and the role of a marketing department is detailed with a comparison to the project company Either the role or a function of the marketing department in the company is briefly outlined with no breakdown of functions.

An interesting shift is taking place in the airline industry. But this analogy is very strained. It would be very difficult for a competing airline to set up a base at Sharjah.

Only 1 parts of 4. Time only will tell how sustainable will this prove.

Aviation Strategy

They operate under the regulatory regime in Saudi Arabia including the obligation to serve public service routes and economy fare capsand are in competition with Saudia, making it very difficult for them to make any money in that market. Universities Education Services It is not mandatory that you select these business sectors below, the choice is entirely yours.

Demonstrates the ability to contribute and successfully deliver against business strategy and set KPIs. But it is equally arguable whether only cost-leadership will lead to the win- win situation. Most notably the comparison of previous air-traffic carried by full service air lines and the change in pattern, if any.

Hospitals Healthcare Services 6. Task 3bAll micro and macro factors for the company are outlined. Very good in English Language. Price is a major and important variable in the choice for selection of an airline.

Overview Overview of the company. No aspects of the brand or brand development detailed. But this analogy is very strained. Only 1or 2 micro and macro factors for the company are outlined, but no relevant features of the UAE market are discussed and applied to the product or service.

The remainder — about AED1bn — is linked to "strategic investments" in airline joint ventures and base expansions see below. Indian government policy is to liberalise international service but the bureaucracy is — as usual — taking a long time to sort out the details such as the length of time flying domestically before international service is permitted, the required size of fleet, etc.

Air Arabia Essay

Acts as the main contact point for Stakeholders such as Maintenance Control Centre MCCDevelopment and Planning Engineers, and Quality Assurance team in assimilating, delivering and following up on the day to day maintenance tasks and activities of the Line Maintenance respective team.

Flyyeti intends to fly Middle East migrant workers to India, but it seems unlikely that connecting on to the UAE on Air Arabia services from there is a viable strategy. Attends to the monthly Technical Review Meetings if required. First, there are huge distances between the bases: Design a distribution system appropriate for the product or service.

Indeed the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation believes it is only a matter of time before the A is deployed at the airline, with ultra—dense configurations of up to 1, seats. Air Arabia can be safely said as the first budget airline in the Middle East region. Some airports, especially regional airports and former military bases e.

Air-India Express, however, has flights to Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram too.

Aviation Strategy

Only 2 of the areas given in 4. There would appear to be plenty of potential for developing business from the Sharjah base, both through increasing frequencies and via adding new points — as Citigroup points out, its existing network of 21 countries contain a population of 1.

This interview was conducted in the month of July Draw a product life cycle and explaining 3 sections and applying it to the chosen product or service. Air Arabia also benefited from the increase in tourism within the Gulf region as Dubai advertised its glittering attractions.

Air Arabia is a classic start–up success story. Arabian LCC model The challenge for Air Arabia has been how to adapt proven LCC tactics — point to points services, internet distribution, high asset utilisation, airport cost minimisation, etc — to Middle East conditions: • Aircraft utilisation at Air Arabia averages hours a day compared to a global average of hours for As.

Air Arabia's Strategy 1) Low cost industry around the word: Low cost carriers widely entered the market and redesigned the industry so far dominated by full service network carriers. “Low-cost Strategy in the Air: Air Arabia- first in the Middle East” at the Fifth Asia Pacific Forum for Graduate Students Research in Tourism, Bangkok Thailand ().

Air Arabia Strategy. About Air Arabia LLC. Air Arabia LLC was established as a fully fledged commercial airline of the United Arab Emirates on 3rd February by an Ameeri decree issued by His Highness Dr.

Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohamed Al Qassimi. AIR ARABIA'S STRATEGY GROWTH STRATEGY AND STRATEGIC DIRECTION Currently serving over 85 destinations, Air Arabia’s network has grown significantly since it launched in Air Arabia Essay.

You are employed as a Marketing Consultant for a company in the UAE to analyze its existing products and offerings - Air Arabia Essay introduction. You then have to suggest changes to the company’s marketing strategies.

Air arabia strategy
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